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Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates from Professional Fitness and Education ( Modern Pilates)

Pilates for Neurological conditions eg Parkinsons Disease,

Osteopo-lates  ( bone conditions) eg, osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis

Diamond Pilates  Level 1 & 2 ( Pelvic floor Function and dysfunction

Cancervive ( Pilates for breast cancer  pre & post op)

Trigger Point Pilates ( fascial release)

Barre Pilates

CSI Scoliosis (Spine Safe Pilates)

Pilates Reformer ( Spine Safe Pilates) The reformer is a piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates that enhances the Pilates exercise repertoire.

EXTEND Diploma ( Movement to music for the aging population)

Dynamic Balance

First Aid I regularly update my first aid training.

PPTLS ( Teaching Adults) Oswestry College of Further Education.

Diploma in Therapeutic Horticulture Coventry University  School of Occupational Therapy.

Active IQ Level 3 Designing Exercise programmes for Older Adults 

Spine Care Pilates…. In-depth knowledge of spinal conditions. 

L3 Older Adults (Trained Academy)

Pilates on The Hog 

Understanding Diastasis Recti

Unloaded Flexion (for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia)

LoadedFlexion & Rotation

Pilates classes are ideal for people living in Shrewsbury and in villages around South West Shropshire.  The classes are FUN while you work your body to its optimum. Every body is different.  Modifications are made to suit individuals who will be encouraged to move within their own pain free range of movement.  There is no competition in my classes.  Pilates takes your body in all directions, using your core muscles and breath to initiate, and control movement.  This will aid balance and stability helping to prevent falls, as well as help rebuild confidence, strength, and stamina if a person has fallen over. 

I understand that some people feel unsure about exercising on the floor, more often than not due to the fear of not being able to get up again.  Consideration is given to this. The over 50’s classes are chair and standing based. I also demonstrate how to manage the situation if you are unlucky enough to fall over.  Even in mat based classes there is the option to do some exercises on a chair, if I feel that you will benefit more than remaining on the floor.  Pilates is ideal for those who experience aches and pains. Back pain, particularly lower back pain can be so debilitating and is very common. This can be addressed quite quickly for the majority of people, simply by standing properly. 

Why not come along to one of my classes and give it a go. 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hope to meet you soon.